Who Is Jackie?


Jackie Foster is your "All-American girl next door". Throughout the course of her musical career, Jackie has won the hearts of fans from all over the world. Born and raised in sunny San Diego, Jackie has always had a spunky and joyful disposition towards everything she has endeavored. She never stops singing, even from a young age she always conquered songs that would be considered too difficult for a 7 year old, but Jackie always did it with confidence and grace. Six years later, nothing has changed. Jackie always knew she was going to make a career in music, even if that pathways wasn't clear, she had a feeling. In 2014 she was awarded the "Lollapalooza Full Tuition Scholarship" to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston. As the attention on her voice and career started to rise, she made her debut as a semi-finalist on Season 14 of the reality TV show “NBC The Voice.” What caught the attention of viewers was her powerful voice; clean, crisp, and with no limits. Jackie made Voice history as the first contestant to have “6 Steals and 1 Save” and worked with Kelly Clarkson, Adam Levine, and Alicia Keys. Since her debut on “The Voice,” in 2018, Jackie has been defining her sound as an artist by releasing her single “Poison,” and featuring on D.R. King’s duet “Love is a Drug.” Since the start of 2019, Jackie announced her solo project and plans moving into the future. "I feel as though right NOW is my time to shine and really try my hardest to get my music heard. I write because I relate to my fans. I want people to know that I see their victories and failures and that I feel them too. I write songs about feeling invisible, untouchable, powerful, scared, joyful and heartbroken. Everyone has felt that way." Jackie's single "Great Escape" was released right before her debut appearance at Lollapalooza in August . "This new sound is meant to make fans feel good. When I wrote them, I couldn't get these songs out of my own head. I just want people to have fun when they listen, forget all their worries, and for a quick moment feel empowered". Foster has gained new confidence and the dreamer inside of her is set into motion as she gets ready for brand new music in 2020.

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